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Animal Hen Party Ideas

This week we have discovered animal hen party ideas. It's not just about the clothing and accessories when it comes to the theme - the make up needs to fit also. Have a read and you will be an expert on glamourous animal themes.   

Hey you party animals! Bring out your wild side by having an animal themed hen party. There is such a wide variety to choose from so let your guests choose which animal they want to come as or which animal they think best suits their personality. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a wild hen night, nothing is more fun than animals and a healthy dose of leopard or zebra print. So if you’re feeling the call of the wild, check out these ideas to get inspired. Then, go bananas.

Hen Party Animal Face Paints

There is something so beautiful about these animal inspired make up looks. They can be as pretty or as fierce as you like. There are so many looks to be found online which you can copy if your confident about your make up skills, but if you need a bit more guidance there are plenty of step by step tutorials to be found on YouTube and Pinterest.  

Animal Print Dresses

Here are some beautiful animal inspired dresses to really make you feel like you’re a wild cat or fierce feline for your night out on the town. (below) Arrogant Cat Leopard Print Peplum Hem Dress £60 available from ASOS. Lipsy Leopard Bodycon Dress With Knot Waist £48 available from lipsy.co.uk. ASOS Leopard Bandeau Pencil Dress £40 available from ASOS


Hen Party Animal Accessories 

Bring the cute factor to your outfit by adding some cute animal ears and a tail. Cat Set £3.99 available on ebay.co.uk.Giraffe Set - Headband and Tail £5.99 available from sillyjokes.co.uk. Zebra Set-Headband and tail £5.99 available from sillyjokes.co.uk. 

Hen Party Idea

I personally have never seen an animal themed hen party. Now I’m not saying that I have come up with something new or never done before, but I just think that it is a theme that not many people have done before, so it may be a good idea if you want something a little different. There are so many animals to choose from, you can go for the popular leopard, zebra or tiger, or you can go for something a little different such as a colourful butterfly, parrot or peacock. It will certainly be fun to see which animal your hens come dressed as and how they have achieved their look.

Until next week ladies have fun

Ciara x


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