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Angel And Devil Hen Party

Angels & Devils also known as Heaven & Hell is a lot of fun. Everyone has that ultimate choice to make. Should I be good or bad? Dress up as an Angels or a Devil? It' will be interesting to see which of your friends decide to dress up good and which one's bad.

First pick if you are going to dress up like an Angels or Devil or perhaps that choice should be left up to the bride. If you decide to dress up as an Angels wear lots of white and consider making a halo to go on your head. If you decide to dress up as a Devil wear lots of black and/or red. Also consider wearing some devil horns on your head. Just like when dress up as an Angel this can be taken to different degrees so just figure out how dressed up you want to be and have fun!

Petticoat Dress Red 19.99 available from fancydress.com. Ultra Deluxe Signature Angel Costume for Women Sexy Adult Halloween available from ebay.co.uk. Heaven sent angel costume 24.99 available from fancy.

Angel and Devil Accessories

Add those last finishing touches to perfect your outfit. Red babe wig 6.99 available from escapade.co.uk, White feather angel wings 10.99 available from allfancydress.com. Devil set 7.99 available from fancydress.com. Feather halo 3.99 available from fancydress.com.


Angel and Devil Make Up

If you have chosen to dress up as an angel keep you make up very light, use highlighter on your cheekbones and other prominent features. Use little or no dark eyeliner or shadows to achieve an angelic look. If you have decided to be the devil for a night you can go as dark as you want, use a dark colour on your lips and eyes to achieve and almost gothic look.

Hen Party Cocktail Ideas

Your goal for this Heaven and Hell party theme is to color coordinate your drinks to the colour scheme of white and red! This will create a fun atmosphere that hopefully will make an unforgettable party theme.

Heaven drink ideas

- Blue martinis
- Blue Dolphin
- Natty ice
- White wine

Hell drink ideas

- Red cocktails
- Jager
- Red wine
- Jungle juice

As we are approaching Halloween this could also be a great idea if you are thinking of hosting a Halloween party. If you are having a party in your house why not decorate one room as heaven and another as hell to add a bit of drama to your evening, go all out and don’t hold back on the decorations.

Thanks for reading ladies...
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