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"Anderson's Testimony" Hen Party



Offer Includes:

  • Thrilling Live Escape Room Experience
  • Solve Riddles and Escape Within 1 Hour
  • Excellent for Team Bonding
  • Perfect for a Bournemouth Hen Party
  • From Only £15pp

Offer Explained:

For the ladies looking for a unique and thrillling activity on the hen weekend in Bournemouth, look no further than The Lockey and their "Anderson's Testimony" hen party package!

15th of November 1962, on the clock is 11:25PM and Anderson stood mulling over the case he and his team had put so much effort into over the past 12 months. After all their hard work there he was, at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by sharks and he finally realised that he had dug up his own grave. Everyone else working on the case were already imprisoned and he was to follow. After he had hidden the main evidence the SAS got him in chains!

The following morning you were summoned for questioning. There was nothing to confess and then you realise that your time was being wasted! You told them to go to hell and get an arrest warrant and demand to see a lawyer! It will take the SAS 60 minutes to get an arrest warrant so as they go to get one, they handcuff you to a desk in the office.

You are now locked inside Bob's office and have to escape within the ho. Can you get an in-site of Bob’s mind, solve his riddles and clear your name? For each clue you ask for, it will cost you 5 minutes and every hint will cost you 1 minute!

"Anderson's Testimony" is sure to thrill your group of ladies and leave you with memories that you will never forget!


Terms and Conditions

- Must quote 'HenorStag.com'
- This offer is subject to availability
- Minimum of 6 players