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Alice In Wonderland

Calling all Disney fans! Create your very own wonderland with these vital ingredients for a Alice in Wonderland Hen Party Theme. We’re talking full blown 'Eat Me' cakes and 'Drink Me' cocktails to celebrate her last weekend of freedom!


Alice in Wonderland is certainly a classic story. It's been read to children of all ages for decades and has been adapted into many films, both on the big screen and on television.

The Alice in Wonderland theme of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is fabulous for both adult and children’s parties. Since the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie in 2010 it has become a very popular theme for all kinds of parties and celebrations.

Whether you’re basing the party on the original illustrations, Disney’s version or the new Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Jonny Depp’s Mad Hatter, it’s a really fun and unusual idea which is suitable for either gardens or interior venues

Alice in Wonderland Hen Party Costume

The Costume is a very important part of this theme, the costumes are enchanting and elegant and with so many excellent online stores there is so much choice out there so whether you decide to be Alice, the Mad Hatter, Cheshire cat or the Queen of hearts you will have no problem finding the right costume for you. (Below). Sexy Dazzling Dark Queen of Hearts Costume £49.99 available from struts.co.uk. White rabbit hat £18.99 available from escapade.co.uk. Black and white knee high socks £3.99 available from joke.co.uk. Alice in Wonderland Fancy dress £19.99 from larakay.co.uk


Alice in Wonderland Makeup

Makeup plays such an important part in ensuring that the costume looks authentic. While it's easy enough to find an appropriate dress and accessories from the many online costume stores, it can be tricky choosing the right makeup colours but the main thing is to experiment and have fun with it because for a theme such as this there is no right or wrong. (Below) Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland ‘Book of Shadows’ £28. OPI Mad as a hatter from the Alice in wonderland collection.


Tea Party Cocktails

I found that there are actually quite a few Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter inspired cocktails to be found online so I have included some of these links below, but alternatively if you have a favorite cocktail why not rename it with a fun name relating to your theme and hopefully your guests will be none the wiser. Another idea may be to add food colouring in order to change the look of the cocktail and make it a bit more exciting. A fun way to serve the cocktails to your guests would be to serve them in teapots and teacups in keeping with the Mad Hatter tea party theme. And to top it all off, how adorable are these playing card straws to serve it all with? Find them at The Party Fairy on Etsy £2.87 for a pack of 25.


Mad Hatter Tea Party

Impress your guests with lots of yummy homemade sweet treats and nibbles. Your party food should be cute, colourful and as fun as possible from cupcakes, iced cookies, sweets and perhaps a whimsical cake which will act as a stunning centre piece for your table. I have included a link below which will take you to a fantastic web site with lots of recipes and ideas for your perfect wonderland party.

To add a little decoration to your table and bakes goods there are many free printable ‘eat me’ ‘drink me’ labels to be found online.



The main thing to make this theme successful is to have fun with it! Perhaps watch the movies in the run up to your celebration to get you in the spirit and maybe give you some ideas for your costume or décor.

As we are approaching Halloween in the coming months this would also be a quirky and alternative theme if you are thinking of throwing your own party this October?!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this weeks blog and has given you something to think about, so until next week...

Have a great weekend!
Ciara x

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