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Alcohol Free Stag Do Activities


Whether you’re a pioneer or simply want activities that don’t require alcohol for a change of pace, HenorStag are bringing you ideas for a stag do which is alternative to the stereotypical ‘lash with the lads!’ So with that said, here are a list of fun-filled sports and past-times that are most rewarding when not under the influence.

Believe us, you will definitely want to be sober for these!

Mentally Challenging Activities



Golf is a classic and refined stag party activity which requires all your mental faculties just to compete—never mind succeed! Golf is probably the most mental sport in the world, and serves as not only a fun activity, but an opportunity to quiet the little voice inside your head, forget all worldly distractions and overcome your biggest adversary—yourself! Not only is this a good activity for self-improvement, its also great exercise—making any pints you take after your round of Golf richly deserved!

Assault courses
- alcohol is an absolute no go for this one!
This is another great opportunity to challenge yourself to exceed your own expectations, whilst also competing with the rest of the lads. Getting down and dirty is a common trend among Stag do’s, and for good reason! Men since the dawn of time have attempted to best each other in feats of athleticism, with assault courses probably being the most complete test of someone’s physical capabilities. This is another stag activity that makes you earn your evening pints!

If you check the 2nd stag do amendment; every lad has the right to bear arms! Nothing screams ‘manly!’ like picking up a rifle and shooting at targets.

Shooting activities are available in various capacities. For pure competition, trying your arm at Olympic sports such as Archery, Pistol Shooting or Clay Pigeon shooting to see how you measure up against your friends. All these shooting activities require unbridled focus and patience in order to hit your target. Showcasing your discipline to your mates and hitting the bullseye is a beautiful thing!

On the other hand, for an active group activity that favours fun over competition, Paintballing, Airsoft or Lazertag could be the ticket! These shooting variations prioritise teamwork in order to secure objectives. Paintball is the most famous past-time of the three, as the lads will dress up in army overalls and hunt each other down over diverse maps and game types which constantly keeps things interesting. A player will be eliminated when a pain pellet explodes over there overalls, but will remain in the game if shot in the head as headshots are illegal!

If pain isn’t your friend, Lazertag is a risk-free alternative. Lazer tag requires players to wear a vest where shots will be registered when shot, so your objective will be to protect your chest plate whilst scoring shots on opposing players. Trying to juggernaut your way through this game will do you no favours, as hit counts are tallied up electronically during the game and will be revealed at the end!

Airsoft is what we believe to be the best group shooting activity, as more skill and precision is required in Airsoft as opposed to Paintball when shooting foes. Whats more, due to BB pellets not leaving a mark like paint pellets will, everyone must be honest with themselves and say when they are hit! That being said, most Airsoft venues work under the pretence that participants will simply go back to the start point of the game and respawn instead of being eliminated, so there’s no reason to cheat!



Kayaking, Canoeing and Rowing

For a refreshing stag activity that is good for the body and soul, kayaking, canoeing
or rowing are all worthy suggestions! These activities are differentiated by the shape of the boat, the type of paddle and the manner of the activity. For canoeing, an open topped boat and a single sided paddle will be used to propel yourself in a given direction, making contact with the water on both sides of the boat to ensure you don’t go in a circle! Kayaking is a little different from canoeing as you use a double-sided paddle and a closed boat, usually for swimming down rapids as opposed to open water. Finally, rowing is different from the previous two as you stroke with two paddles whilst facing the opposite direction in which the boat is going in.

The beauty of these three activities is that they can be conducted individually, or as a group—meaning that you can tailor the activity to favour either competition or teamwork!

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
Scuba Diving and Snorkelling are not things you do everyday! Take to the land ‘unda da sea’ and explore the depths below! The difference between these activities are the details—the equipment that is required and the depth of water you’ll be exploring. Snorkelling is for exploring reefs in shallow bodies of water wearing a snorkelling mask, where as Scuba Diving requires oxygen tanks and full wet suits to delve into the depths of the sea to see some of the bigger forms of aquatic life, such as whales and sharks!
With these unbelievable activities, you’ll be swimming with the fishes (and not in a gruesome death at the hands of the Italian Mafia sort of way, far from it—you’ll have never felt more alive!)

Deep Sea Fishing 
If you’d rather explore the sea from the surface, Deep Sea Fishing is a patient pastime that also requires concentration. You will cast your hook down to the sea floor and wait for something to bite! This is an incredibly rewarding activity as you get to keep all fish you catch, meaning you can prepare and cook them for your evening meal. Who needs eating out when you can catch your own dinner!

For Adrenaline Seekers



Attention petrol heads! If you wish to infuse your Stag do with motoring activities, there are a number of different avenues you can go down. This most popular and accessible is Go Karting, as numerous Go Karting tracks are dotted across Ireland and the UK. Go Karting is immensely fun and will have you and your mates buzzing as they share stories of their best laps around the track. Tracks will often record lap times, so lets see with of your mates can finish in pole position!

However, just because you’re motoring, doesn’t mean you have to stay on the road! For off-road enthusiasts, you could avail of opportunities to race buggies, quad bikes and dirt bikes across muddy terrain. Alternatively, you can race across the water instead! Hovercraft racing is a past time taking the UK by storm, giving customers the chance to glide across rivers and lakes completing courses in a real-life hovercraft!

There are various mountaineering activities that test your aptitude for both ascending and descending cliff-faces and mountainsides. Rock Climbing and Abseiling requires strategy and an aptitude for heights as you don harasses and helmets to both scale and disembark off dizzying heights. If the shear drop doesn’t take your fancy, why not take a more gradual ascent by doing a mountain hike with your lads, giving everyone to take in breathtaking views as you get the benefits of the sun and the open air.

Sky Diving
Speaking of open air, this activity takes a special kind of person to voluntarily fall out of a place at some 12,000 feet above the ground! Nevertheless, sky diving is a a hugely rewarding activity, cajoling you to take a leap of faith for an experience that ticks the bucket list. Typically, smaller jumps are conducted individually at 3,500 feet, with your parachute opening upon leaving the plane due to the cord being attached to the plane. However, this requires 6 hours of individual ground training, so if you wish for all your lads to jump without any experience, then you want to opt for a tandem jump. Tandem jumps gives you the full unbridled terror that comes from falling from the atmosphere, as you conduct a 15,000 feet descent whilst attached to a trained professional. All you have to do is try to hold back your back! Don’t be afraid to let out your cries of terror however, as at 15,000 feet, no one can hear you scream!

Theme parks
Alternatively, if you want an adrenaline rush whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground, going to a theme park during your stag party will do just that! Whilst you can absolutely drink at theme parks—we advise against it if you want to hold onto your lunch! These rides are all designed to increase your heart rate and get your adrenaline firing. That being said, all the benefits of these adrenaline fuelled rides are often negated by the overwhelming disorientation people experience when drunk on rides, so its best save the drinking for your evening meal!

Top Tips

- Replace one manmade drug with a natural one—adrenaline!
- Nothing will make your squad forget about beer better that good ol’ fashioned competition! Whatever stag party you bring toward your chosen activity, adding a competitive edge to the games will leave the alcohol a distant memory as you attempt to best each other! Your drinking compatriots will fall by the wayside as you take advantage of their sluggishness—you booze you lose!

So that’s our list gents! If any of these ideas where of interest to you, all these activities and more are available across Ireland and the UK, so get planning for an adrenaline-pumping alcohol-free Stag do!


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