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Action Packed Stag Do Activities

Most stag weekends require some sort of action and these activities provide it all! One of the flag ship stag do activities is paintballing known for its balls to wall action and bruises at the end of it! It is such a popular activity with stag weekends as it gives lads the opportunity to inflict some pain on each other!

Action Packed Stag Do

Another action packed activity popular with stags is clay pigeon shooting. It is a very mainly activity for the simple reason that you get to fire a real double barrel shotgun! The aim of the game is to shoot down disks that are fired into the air called clays. In fact shooting in general is popular amongst lads. Apart from clay pigeon shooting there is airsoft shooting which are guns that look exactly like real guns only they fire small pellets. Using plastic pellets they can be shot at your fellow stags provided they have the right protective clothing on and with metal pellets they can only be shot at targets. Another form of shooting is Archery which needs a strong arm, a steady hand and a good eye.

If your stags want to use the skies to get their adrenaline rush then their are activities for that. Ziplining is a great activity for getting speed and gives you a bit of insight of what it would be like to fly! High Ropes is another activity that requires a good bit of body strength to be able to get yourself as high as you can on obstacles.

An activity that is becoming increasingly more common is Zorbing and variations of it. Zorbing is when you get inside a large plastic ball and then can either walk around inside it or be strapped inside it and rolled down a hill.



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