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A Hen Party Worthy of Meghan Markle


With Meghan Markle announcing that she and Prince Harry will be getting married in May, the media has been rife with speculation as to how Meghan is going to spend her hen. According to the Mirror, both Meghan and Harry are set to have a joint “hag” party, enjoying the celebrations with a polo match.

Interestingly, the Mirror also reports that Meghan will have a separate bachelorette party back in the states. The Suits star has admonished claims of a “bachelorette,” stating that she plans for her party to be merely a small gathering of close friends. That’s always the way Meghan…

As well as this, a page has recently popped up on Facebook, claiming to host Meghan Markle’s unofficial “hen sesh.” The page details a respectable party that concludes at 10pm, chiefly to avoid late night mayhem. The location has been earmarked at Buckingham palace, fuelling speculation that the Queen herself is throwing the royal bash for her future daughter-in-law. Go easy on the crumpets girls.

All joking aside, there is an important matter to discuss. We pose to our readers this important question—if money were no object; where and how would you celebrate your hen party?

If you’re stuck for ideas, here is a select list of places from around the globe that can host a Hen Party worthy of Meghan Markle!



I’m not sure if you’ve heard—but Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. The Dubai Mall stands as a staggering showcase of affluence, with all top retailers from around the world selling their wares here. There’s even a level here dedicated entirely to shoes, with cobbler’s making custom tailored shoes for the rich and famous.

That being, being a shopaholic will prove to be a uniquely costly addiction, as according to Visit Dubai, VIP shoppers must spend upwards of AED100,000, per month in order to maintain their membership— that’s approximately £19,400! Don’t sweat it though—you’re a millionaire actress with a royal fiancé remember?

It’s not just shopping that attracts royalty to Dubai, as the posh sport of Polo is a popular pastime. Prince Harry himself has played at the Polo Club here, so a future royal might wish to enjoy some of the perks of the royal when staying in the city.

Finally, a trip to Dubai would all but ensure the party is as “low key” as Meghan desires, chiefly due to Dubai’s strict female dress code. Sadly, staying here will mean trading in your L plates and sashes for long dresses and shawls—as violating the dress code in Dubai is viewed as a criminal offence.



I myself shot a quizzical look at my colleague when Ibiza was suggested, but as I quickly learned—there’s two sides to Ibiza. Meghan has herself confessed a love for the place, and there’s good reason for that.

A wealthy holiday maker in Ibiza can party with her designer bride squad on private yachts with champagne on ice, or enjoy beach parties and rub shoulders with the commoners. You and the girls will retreat to your private Villa at night, complete with outdoor pool. The place is much more than just a party mecca, as Ibiza boasts a number of places that are blessed with natural beauty. Meghan has been and done it as far as Ibiza goes, but its a worthy mention to other millionaire actresses.



As mentioned previously, Meghan has announced her plans to have a party in the good ol’ US of A. I’m no authority on the matter, but if you’re having a hen party in the states, Las Vegas is the place to be. The bright lights are sure to give Meghan a headache by this point, but if you’ve got the financial backing she has, no doubt you’d make it rain in the Bellagio!

Prince Harry has an infamous love for the city, with a mad weekend in 2012 showing to the rest of the world how hard the royals can party. If you were in Meghan’s position, no one would blame you for wanting you’re own piece of the fun.

Bora Bora


However, as Meghan insists—she wants a low-key affair. In that case, Bora Bora may be more up her street. Mere mortals can only dream of a trip to here, with flights to this remote corner of French Polynesia being very expensive. This astonishing island gives famous figures some reprieve from the public eye, making it an attractive location to someone in Markle’s shoes. The crystal blue waters are the definition of tranquil, with coves around the island available to be explored via snorkelling or jet skis.

It takes a baller to wine and dine here, with an average night on the island estimated to set you back $800! It will surely be a night to remember, as the sandy beaches come alive at night with cultural dance performances.

Image Credits: Kuoni | The Telegraph | Visit Las Vegas | Tahiti.com |

Take some of these ideas with you and join the discussion! If money were no object, where and how would you spend your hen party? 


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