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A well thought out hen party theme is the difference in a good hen weekend and a hen weekend which will be simply unforgettable! So whatever your taste, what ever your budget and what ever the weather, ladies... it's time to get creative!

Hen Night Themes

A hen party theme is always the fun part of any hen weekend! Deciding on what hen night theme to choose is always a difficult decision, but thankfully we have a wide selection of hen party themes for you to choose from! Don't miss the opportunity to dress up as whatever you want for your last weekend of freedom! Luxury hen parties would love a flapper hen party theme, vintage theme or even a celebrity inspired hen night. For a novelty hen night theme why not choose a fun party theme such as Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a military style hen party or head back in time for a fun reto 80's hen party theme! You decide which is the perfect hen weekend theme idea. 

Vintage Themed Hen Weekend

Vintage hen parties are a classy way to blow the girls away with something unique and imaginative - and is so easy to create! Dress to kill for your vintage themed hen weekend whilst indulging in some pampering. Get creative with some vintage-inspired hen party ideas! Will you choose the vintage era of the 1920s or 1950s or a opt for a specific vintage style such as the classic flapper?
Why not go all out with some vintage hen party bunting and patterned plates to decorate your chosen accommodation or night life venue. For the ultimate vintage hen party activity why not choose a spot of Afternoon Tea at a luxury hotel for that all important catch up. 

Retro 80's Hen Party Theme

Go back in time to the 1980's for a hen night theme that everyone will love, where the music was fantastic and the fashion was even better! An 80's hen party theme is sure to give any girl a giggle on the hen weekend. Get your neon leg warmers, sweat bands and lycra on and party 1980's style! 

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Favourite Colour Hen Party Theme
It is often said that the most simple party ideas can be the most effective, and this favourite colour hen party theme sure is that. The beauty of the single colour hen party theme is that it can be w...
The Colour Pink Hen Party Theme
The colour pink hen party theme is the perfect hen party idea for those hens who LOVE the colour pink! Many hens have idolised the colour pink since they were young girls, from their pink dresses, soc...
Angels and Devils Hen Party Theme
So is your hen party full of angels or are your hens a bunch of devils? The Angel and Devil’s hen party theme sure does make for quite a spectacle to behold. Here you will have half of your hen party ...
Pub Golf Hen Do Theme
Get the sexy golf look ladies for a sassy hen party theme that’s sure to grab some attention! This fun hen do dress-up can bring out the naughty golf girl in all of you and spark some hilarious innuen...
Flapper Hen Do Theme
‘Flappers’ was a term that described young women in the Western world in the 1920’s who relished their sexuality. They wore short dresses and skirts, enjoyed going out on the town to drink, dance and ...
Jockey Hen Party Theme
The jockey hen party theme is a winning hen party idea and will ensure your hen party will gallop all the way to the finish line! Your hens will love the jockey hen party theme, with each an every hen...
Christmas Jumpers Hen Party Theme
Glam rock band Wizzard sang the song, “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”, though your hen party needn’t wish at all because if your hen party is full of Christmas lovers then why not chose the Ch...
French Maid Hen Do Theme
Spice up your hen party celebrations with French Maids dress up theme! Your hens with feel like seductive goddesses in this frilly attire as they bring their feather dusters around town and perhaps ti...
Gangster Hen Do Theme
Bring your hen do ladies back to the era of gangsters in the 1920’s! In America at the time, alcohol was illegal but gangsters and their female flapper acquaintances went to secret clubs called speake...
Naughty Nurse Hen Party Theme
Hello Nurse!!! The nurse hen party theme is one way to guarantee your hens will do nothing but received constant male attention for the entire hen weekend. WIth your hens in naughty nurse costumes, st...
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