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Mr and Mrs Quiz

Mr and Mrs Quiz

When it comes to a traditional hen party it will be no surprise to learn that male strippers are the only men on the invite list. Although men may not be invited, this does not stop hens wanting to talk or gossip about them, particularly the groom-to-be. One of the best hen party games to get the conversation and laughter flowing is the Mr and Mrs Quiz.

The aim of Mr and Mrs Quiz is to ultimately test the knowledge of the bride to see how much she actually knows about her future husband. 


Mr and Mrs Game Rules

The main trick to making Mr and Mrs hen party game a success is to create a list of questions that the bride will find difficult to answer. The harder the questions, the greater the excitement and off course laughter, particularly if she gets a question wrong. For greatest effect one of the hens should record all of the answers so that the groom can be showed later on.
Hen parties thinking of including the Mr and Mrs quiz are advised to plan as many of the questions in advance as they can. It has been known for the hen hostess to gather this information from the best man, groom’s relatives or even the main man himself. After all the more knowledge the hostess has about the groom, the more chance she has of asking questions that will trip the bride up. 

The variety of Mr and Mrs questions to include in this hen party game is endless.