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Hen party game ideas for the big hen night! Get your hen party off to a roaring success with these fun and free hen party games. Will you decide to play a naughty hen party game or one that will have the entire hen party laughing aloud?

Hen Night Games

Hen party games are sure to add fun to any hen weekend! Many of the hen party game ideas on HenorStag.com are free and are focused on encouraging the hen party to mingle and laugh together! So if your spending your hen weekend indoors, heading out or travelling a long distance and seeking some hen party drinking games, then look no further than what we have for you!

Hen Party Drinking Games

Add some fun to your hen weekend with fun and entertaining hen party drinking games. Choose as many classy hen party drinking games as you want and let the giggles begin! Will you decide during your hen party drinking game to inflict penalties for any girl that can't keep up with the rest? Hen party drinking games can give your girls the perfect opportunity to enforce some cheeky hen party dares. One of the best known drinking games is called "Kings" and involves a deck of cards and a good stamina!

Hen Night Game Ideas

Below you will find some of the most popular and free hen party game ideas there is! 

Mr & Mrs Game - The aim of this hen party game is test the knowledge of the bride and groom by asking a range of fun hen party questions. Although the groom may not be there, the girls can taste the bride-to-be on how much she actually knows about her future husband!

I’ve Never Game - This hen party game is a great ice breaker! Each hen has to say something that they have “never” did before and can be as wild and outrageous as you want it to be! This hen party game always has many laughs and quite a few drinks!

Bluff Hen Party Game - Each hen's aim is to try and get rid of their cards as quick as possible, but be careful this can be done by honesty or complete bluffing...or both!

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Cream Crackers Hen Party Game
The hen party game "Cream Crackers" is a simple but effective hen night game! Hen party dares are the order of the day with this belly busting game!...
Pass The Orange Hen Party Game
The hen party game "Pass The Orange" is great fun. It’s time for your hen party to raid the fruit bowl for half a dozen oranges!...
Laughing Hen Party Game
The Laughing Game is a fun and extremely easy hen party game to play! As the name suggests it's sure to have your girls in fits of laughter!...
Mr and Mrs Quiz
Mr and Mrs Quiz is great for getting the hen party laughter flowing! The aim of Mr and Mrs Game is to ultimately test the knowledge of the bride to see how much she actually knows about her future hus...
Baby I Love You Hen Party Game
Baby I love You is a great hen party game that it is all about trying your hardest to make the other hen laugh, whilst they are trying their best not to laugh. It cannot be any simpler or funnier than...
Bed Sheet Ping Pong Hen Party Game
Bed Sheet Ping Pong is a fun and easy hen night game! Enjoy at night or before you get up in the morning for the hen weekend activities ahead!...
Kings Hen Party Game
If your hens are ready for some full on hen party fun then all you need is a good tolerance of drink and a deck of cards to play the world famous drinking game called Kings!...
Hats Off Hen Party Game
Hats off is a hen party game that is absolutely hilarious to play! It is all about paying attention and those hens with the poorest attention and observations skills will unfortunately be met with a n...
There's A Hole In My Bucket - Hen Party Game
"There's A Hole In My Bucket" is a fun water based hen party game that will ensure your hen party are completely soaked!...
Who Am I Hen Party Game
Who Am I Hen party Game is a classic game and the perfect hen party game to keep your hens on their toes for the entire hen weekend!...
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