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9 Things You Must Do on a Stag Do


To make the stag do as memorable and fun as possible we have created a list of the 9 Things You Must Do On a Stag Do. You don’t want to be coming home thinking of what could have been or how the weekend could have been made better. These tips should help you organise the ultimate stag do that will be remembered for eternity! So take note guys…

Create Rules


Almost anything goes on a stag do but a number of rules need to be set so that you are making the most of the weekend.

Below are some options:

- No talking to wives / girlfriends
- No talking about wives / girlfriends
- No talking about work
- No Snapchat stories
- No phones at the bar

Fancy Dress


One way to add some entertainment to the weekend is by having a stag do theme. There are a number of hilarious or stylish themes / fancy dress options out there to make your group stand out from the crowd.

Below is a list of some top themes:

- Super Heroes
- Peaky Blinders
- Shite Shirts
- OppoSuits
- James Bond
- Game of Thrones
- Star Wars

Fun Activity


No stag weekend is complete without taking part in some sort of fun activity. Activities can range from educational and informative activities such as whiskey tasting to action-packed outdoor activities like quad biking.

Check out some of the stag do activities below:

- Bubble Soccer
- Cocktail Making
- Golf
- Paintball
- Tree Top Adventure
- Life Drawing Class
- Clay Pigeon Shooting

Forfeits / Dares


To up the anti and get everyone in the party mode, you should come up with a list of dares and forfeits. Dares are perfect for getting a good laugh on the stag night at the bar and it’s a good idea to get anyone that break any of the rules to complete a forfeit! Below are some dares / forfeits to choose from:

- Chat up a girl at the bar
- Wear a t-shirt check list
- Call your Dad to tell him you love him
- Down a drink

Stitch Up the Groom-to-be


Even though it is the groom-to-be’s special weekend away with the lads before his big day, that doesn’t mean he should have it all his way. It is customary to stitch up the stag on the stag do and this can be done by making him wear ridiculous clothing or complete forfeits.

Play Stag Do Games


Playing games is another thing you must do on a stag do. Stag party games are a great way to get everyone laughing and kickstart the celebrations. There are so many fun stag party games out there that can be played before and during the night out. Below are some of our favourites:

- Toy Soldiers
- King’s Cup
- Who’s That Girl?
- Tequila Roulette
- I Have Never

Sing Songs


Create a playlist and sing up to some of your favourite hits! What better way to get into the party spirit that belting out some of your favourite tunes? You should also try to get to a karaoke bar and you will be guaranteed a unforgettable night when the drink is flowing and some of the lads decide to get up and sing!

Eat & Drink like a King


Don’t worry about your waistline or wallet for this one weekend! This is a special few days away with your closest pals so make it even better by eating and drinking like a king without worrying about it! Eat proper food such as steaks and burgers and drink good beer and try some different drinks such as whiskey cocktails or craft beers.

Bring The Stag Home in One Piece


It goes without saying that the most important thing you must do on a stag do is to bring the groom-to-be home in one piece! We know that stag weekend’s can get reckless and out of hand but make sure that you don’t get yourselves in a situation like the guys in The Hangover. Fail to do this and you will have to answer to his future Mrs!

So there you have it lads, 9 things that you must do on a stag do to make it as memorable and successful as possible. Hopefully you can now take inspiration from these tips and have the ultimate stag weekend!

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