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9 Popular Stag Do Activities


No stag weekend is complete without a fun or thrilling stag do activity! It can be very important to have a well thought out activity that will bring the whole group together especially as uni mates, childhood friends and relatives may not know each other. Activities are a great ice-breaker and a great way to get the fun started before the all important stag night! Here we reveal 9 popular stag do activities that will give you some inspiration:


Often seen as the ultimate stag do activity, paintballing will definitely get the lads having fun together! This thrilling and sometimes hard hitting experience will really get the heart racing and also guarantees bundles of laughs as everyone tries to release their inner military side! Paintballing is readily available throughout the UK and Ireland and what better way to send the stag off that hitting him with a few paintballs?

Bubble Football

This hard-hitting and hilarious twist on football is one of the most popular stag do activities at the minute. Bubble Football consists of everyone playing a game of football while being inside a giant bubble. The bubble gives protection so that you lads can run into and hit each other hard without getting hurt. You lads are guaranteed lots of laughs when you see your mates attempting to pick themselves off the ground!


This watersport is another great stag do activity that has various levels of difficulty so that it suits many different types of groups. Kayaking can be a relaxing paddle on a lake, which is very much like a canoe. Alternatively you lads can take it up a notch and go kayak fishing or white water kayaking where the water is rapid and more thrilling!

Off Road Driving


Why not go off road driving on your stag weekend and try your hand at driving a truck through different types of off road terrain like gravel, river beds and mud to name but a few! This is the perfect stag do activity for those of you who feel they are great behind a wheel and it is a unique experience with plenty of bumps along the way! Off road driving on your stag do is also a great way to try something different and is sure to create many memorable moments.



Take your group go-karting on your stag weekend and find out who is the best stag behind the wheel! Go-Karting is a fast paced and thrilling activity that is not only for the petrol heads in the group as everyone will enjoy rallying around a race track! Many Go-Karting centres will have several different games such as time trials and a Grand Prix and by the end of your day on the track, you will be in the best of moods for the all important stag night!

Clay Pigeon Shooting


This classic stag do activity will be a great experience and a great chance for your group to learn something new on the stag weekend. Clay targets are flew into the air by a machine and your aim will be to hit the moving target which is known as a ‘Clay Pigeon’. Clay shooting is fun and a great way to create a bit of competition as you guys can compete to see who has the best shot within the group!

Quad Biking


You and your mates can take a trek through a forest, over fields and over muddy terrains and water by going quad biking on your stag weekend! These 4 wheelers are great fun and very easy to drive. You lads will feel a great buzz when opening up on a straight open field or trying to manoeuvre between tight gaps and trees that will be set out as obstacles. This fantastic stag do activity is sure to please the entire group!



Take aim at set targets and find out who has the steadiest arm and best aim within your group! This stag do activity is a great way to try something new and is better suited for those who want a more relaxing and non-contact activity. Although it looks easy, you guys will find archery to be a sport that will take plenty of practice but also a fun and competitive ice-breaker for everyone in the group!



Any golfers out there will surely enjoy a golfing stag weekend. If you are looking for a relaxing stag do activity where you can spend the day chatting to your closest pals, then having a round of golf could be perfect. Lots of golf courses will offer great stag do packages to include a round of golf, meal and drinks in the club house. For those in the group who may not fancy a round of golf, there is generally always a driving range or mini golf that they may enjoy instead, or of course they could wait in the club house with a pint!

Now that we have unveiled these 9 popular stag do activities, your only problem is deciding which one to go for!

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