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9 Epic Stag Do Themes


9 Epic Stag Do Themes

One way to bring the entire group together and get everyone into party mode is to have a stag do theme! There are many hilarious themes to choose from and the most important point to think of when choosing a theme, is the stags interests and likes. Here we reveal 9 epic stag do themes that range from blockbuster movie themes to silly dress codes!

Oppo Suits Stag Do Theme


Image Credit: Last Night of Freedom
Are you guys looking for a crazy stag do theme while still maintaining a classy look on your stag weekend? Well an oppo suits theme could be the perfect idea! Oppo suits are crazy and the exact opposite of standard, boring business suits! Should you guys choose this as your stag do theme, you and your closest pals are sure to stand out and make fun memories for years to come!

Superheroes Stag Do Theme


With so many super hero movies hitting the big screen in the past few years, there is most definitely at least one superhero costume out there that each one of your group will like! Whether you guys choose one of Marvel’s greatest heroes such as Spiderman, Iron Man or Captain America as a stag do theme or one of DC’s famous caped heroes such as Batman or Superman, you guys are sure to stand out and look super cool! Expect lots of laughter and fun on your stag weekend especially once the drinks start flowing!

Game of Thrones Stag Do Theme


Get your group of stags to dress up as characters from the hottest TV series there is, Game of Thrones, and you are sure to impress! Whether you are having your stag weekend in a cold or hot location, this is the perfect theme as it is so adjustable. Dress like Jon Snow if your are in a slightly colder location on your stag night with a Night’s Watch cloak. If your chosen destination is hot, then dressing like Khal Drogo will be a better option, however some of you guys may not have the physique to pull it off like he does!

James Bond Stag Do Theme


Are you guys looking for some stag do theme inspiration that oozes class? Take a leaf from James Bonds book and throw on a tuxedo for the stag night! This classy stag do theme is perfect if you guys are looking to hit up a casino or a club as some venues don’t allow entry to groups wearing fancy dress. A James Bond stag do theme is sure to be a theme that everyone in the group will enjoy.

Only Way Is Essex Stag Do Theme  


Although it might not be a show that a lot of the guys in your stag group watch, an Only Way is Essex stag do theme is one that’s inexpensive and easy to create. It will be super easy for you lads to copy Joey Essex’s style and get a pair of denim shorts, short sleeve shirt that is buttoned to the very top, and to top it all off a glowing fake tan! It may just take a bit of persuading to get the older guys in the group to join in on this theme, but it’s a great way to save a few pennies on your stag weekend!

Pirates of the Caribbean Stag Do Theme


Look the part on you stag do by dressing up in Pirates of the Caribbean costumes and go explore your stag do destination while throwing back glasses of rum just like a real pirate! Quite a few accessories are needed to pull off this epic stag do theme such as a hat, belt, sword, boots, eyeliner, jacket and bits and bobs such as a hook hand and lots of chains and necklaces. Jack Sparrow never seemed to have a dull moment and you guys should also have a fun and eventful night if you choose a pirate theme on your stag weekend!

Alan from The Hangover Stag Do Theme


If you guys have a stag night like Alan and his friends from The Hangover, then you are sure in for an epic stag weekend! To get you guys feeling like a real wolf-pack, choose a Hangover stag do theme and have everyone in stitches of laughter. All you need is a wig of curly hair, fake beard and a t shirt with a baby carrier to hold little Carlos! Easy to create and a theme that the entire group will enjoy!

Shite Shirts Stag Do Theme


Easy to create, suitable for everyone and absolutely hilarious is the best way to describe a shite shirt stag do theme. Get your group dressed up in casual dress shirts that are covered in whacky and wonderful designs that will make you all stand out like a sore thumb and laugh aloud! This epic and inexpensive stag do theme could be the perfect way to bring all the group together on the grooms last night of freedom.

Elvis Stag Do Theme


The King of Rock ’n’ Roll was a fashion icon of his time and should you choose this stag do theme, you will have plenty of options! Turned-up blue jeans, white socks, black loafers and a high collar bright shirt is one Elvis costume you guys can easily put together on your stag weekend. Some of you may wish to switch it up and go for the full leather jumpsuit unbuttoned half way down your chest! Top both costumes up with the famous Elvis quiff and you lads are sure to look the part! This epic stag do theme is sure to impress the entire group and all onlookers!

Now that we have revealed these stag do themes, all you lads have to do is decide which is best for your group. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect option that will make your stag weekend that bit more enjoyable and memorable!

Image Credits: Opposite Lock | YouTube | Deviant Art | GQ | ESP Mag | PR Syria | Metro | Adam Smith Fashion | Costumei | Last Night of Freedom


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