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9 Dance Class Hen Party Ideas


A dance class is a great hen party activity that is sure to kickstart the celebrations in style! Not to mention, a dance class is a ideal for a group activity and provides the ultimate workout! When it comes to dance class the girlies are sure to be spoilt for choice with a wide range of routines and themes to choose from including Burlesque, Bollywood and Irish Dancing to name but a few! We reveal out top 9 dance class hen party ideas to ensure you and the ladies are making the most of the weekend!


For the ladies that are opting for something a little different for the hen party dance class, a Bollywood theme is sure to be right up your street! Here the girls can get dressed up in bright and flashing costumes along with glamorous accessories as they recite a super fun Bollywood dance routine! With a dance instructor at hand, the ladies will learn how to do cartwheel turns, wolf and petal hands and hip shifts so majestically! Or perhaps, you may decide to go down the route of the Pussycat Dolls and copy their Jai-Ho performance! When it comes to a Bollywood dance routine, you will not be disappointed!


For a dance routine that gives the fun factor and will have all the girlies laughing out loud, be sure to opt for a cheerleading dance class! With pom poms and stylish cheerleading outfits, everyone is sure to look the part at the hen weekend! The ladies will learn a fun and enjoyable cheerleading dance routine as they chant along to many songs! From human pyramids to touchdown, there are plenty of fun dance moves to learn and ensures a great workout! Check it out!

Irish Dancing

Why not go all out and learn a traditional Irish dance that is loved and recited by millions? Irish dancing is a truly unique dance that will have all the ladies super impressed and excited to try out! With catchy Irish folk music and an experienced instructor at hand, the hens can choose from a range of themes including céilí dancing and the world famous Riverdance, what’s not to love? Get into the swing of the super fun hen weekend with traditional Irish dancing, a unique hen party activity the ladies won’t forget in a hurry!


If your girlies are fans of the hit TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ they are guaranteed to love a salsa dance class for the hen party activity! Salsa is a popular social dance that originated from New York City with a lot of influence coming from Latin America! The Salsa dance is a very fast moving dance routine with a dance partner required at all times so the ladies will have to pair up for the day! The hens will have the chance to get glammed up in bright coloured Latin dance dresses along with classy accessories! With catchy and feel good music played throughout, the ladies are sure to be left in high spirits for the remainder of the hen weekend!

Hip Hop

Make the hen party a day to remember with a fun hip hop dance class where the ladies can choose what routine they want to learn! With fresh up beat music the ladies will certainly enjoy the experience as they sing along to their favourite tunes whilst learning a fun dance routine! From Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ to Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella,’ the ladies will definitely not be stuck for options when choosing! The dance routine may also make an appearance at the hen night later that evening so be inspired!


If your hens enjoy dressing up and looking glamorous, then they are sure to love a burlesque hen party dance class! Burlesque dancing can simply be described as a combination of theatre, comedy, satire and music so the hens are sure to be in for the ultimate treat! Not to mention, all the hens will be able to look the part with stylish head fascinators, gloves, corsets and more! For the ladies that love nothing more than a bit of fun, burlesque is sure to be right up your street!

80’s Dances

Who doesn’t love 80’s themes, especially when it comes to dancing! This idea is sure to bring a smile on all the ladies faces as they bring it back to one of the most groovy and fun eras! The hens can choose from Grease, Fame and Footloose to name but a few! Be sure to pack your dancing shoes because you are in for the best dancing experience! With your favourite 80’s music playing in the background, the girls will not be able to help themselves as they get super excited for the dance class! Check it out!

Charleston Dance

Why not bring it back to the 1920’s with a Charleston Dance hen party? If you are searching for something a little out of the ordinary to help mark the occasion in style, a Charleston Dance will certainly impress! Originating from the harbour city of Charleston in North Carolina in the early 1920’s, the Charleston Dance became a huge hit in the Ragtime Jazz era and has been widely loved ever since! Charleston Dancing can be done solo, with a partner, or in group so take your pick ladies! If your hen party theme happens to be 1920’s or Flapper Girls, be sure to opt for the Charleston Dance for your hen party activity!


For lovers of all things rock and roll, try out Rockabilly for the hen party dance class! Rockabilly emerged from the 1950’s rock and roll era and is still loved by many today! The fast moving dance requires a partner and consists of a lot of twists, turns and swinging! From Elvis Presley to Ricky Nelson, the hens will find themselves familiar with many of the songs and will also become huge fans of the dance theme! Why not go all out and dress up in 1950’s costumes for the day? With long bright skater skirts, floral blouses and sneakers, everyone is sure to be in the party spirit!

So there you have it ladies, our top 9 dance class hen party ideas that will have everyone celebrating in style and making the most of the day! Be inspired and book yours today!

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