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9 Alternative Stag Do Activities


When most people think of a stag do, they think about paint balling, go karts and strippers! However, there are lots of alternative stag do activities out there that your group of lads can get up to that are just as fun and thrilling. Choosing a unique stag party activity will make the stag weekend that bit more memorable as it will stand out from the norm. Whether you choose the likes of Footgolf or Dodgeball, you are sure to have a day full of fun and laughter. Take a look at these 9 stag do ideas that are just that little bit different.



Play a round of golf with your feet with this activity which is a fantastic mix of football and golf! The goal of footgolf is the exact same as golf, get the ball into the hole in as little shots as possible. Using a size 5 ball you will have to combine the perfect amount of power and precision when kicking the ball around the course in this stag do activity that will guarantee lots of laughs. Make the day that bit more special by dressing up as pro golfers so you really look the part!



Instead of going Go-Karting on your stag do, why not choose to go hovercraft flying? This unique and alternative activity is sure to impress everyone in the group as you try to control the hovercraft on land and water! Hoverforce in Cheshire are an outdoor activity company that offer this fantastic, high adrenaline activity that is perfect for anyone having a Manchester or Liverpool stag do! These amazing machines will be a hit with all the stags, especially any motor heads in the group!

Surf and Body Board Lessons


Are you guys looking for a fun water-based activity on your stag weekend? Your group can take a trip to the sea side and get lessons in surfing and body board lessons to test yourselves on the wild waves! Should you be having a Cornwall stag do, then Fistral Beach Surf School offer fantastic packages where you can take surf, body board and SUP lessons no matter what ability you are! This great stag do idea is perfect for those groups who love the water.

Music Video Recording


You and your group of stags can create a music video on your stag weekend and really feel like a celebrity boyband! During this activity, you can get the chance to dress up, sing a song of your choice and have it all recorded on video. This video can be kept and laughed at for years to come! CoverStar Experiences offer this unique activity in Liverpool and it is sure to have everyone in your group laughing and mingling with each other!

Whiskey Blending


Are there any guys in your group who reckon they are whiskey connoisseurs? Well this is the perfect activity if so! Your group will get the chance to learn about different blends of whiskey and be able to try and tell the difference between them and then get the chance to create your own special blend. Irish Whiskey Experience is a venue that offer this wonderful activity and is a must visit venue for anyone on a Killarney stag do!



Get back to the basics in life and learn how to survive in the great outdoors with this fun and educational stag do activity. All of you lads will be taught how to build shelters, light fires, cook food and forage for wild ingredients and lighting materials. Should you be having a Dorset stag do then you will be able to get to Cumulus Outdoors who offer this unique activity that will be lead by a group of experts!

Tree Top Adventure


Climb among the trees and make your way through some testing obstacles when you take on a tree top adventure as your activity on the stag weekend! This activity will test your nerve but with a safety harness and expert supervision at hand, you will feel a great sense of achievement once you complete the daunting course! Jungle NI offer a thrilling Tree Top Adventure that includes rope swings and zip line and you simply must try this at least once in your life!

Bog Obstacle Course


Drag yourself through lots of muddy and testing obstacles when you take on a bog obstacle course on your stag party. This hilarious muddy stag do idea is sure to have your entire group in fits of laughter as you make your way around the course. Delphi Resort offer a thrilling bog obstacle course that is a brilliant idea for anyone having a stag do in Westportor Galway! Make sure you bring spare clothes to this one lads because things are going to get muddy!

Samba Drumming


Is your stag group full of music lovers? If so, this truly unique stag do activity is sure to be a hit with the guys! The dynamic samba drumming style originates from Rio De Janeiro and is full of passion and energy. Beats on the Day offer this activity throughout the entire UK with an experienced instructor there to help you throughout! You will use authentic Brazilian instruments such as the Surdo and snare drum and are guaranteed a day you will never forget!

So there you have it men, 9 alternative stag do activities that are sure to last long in the memory! Get one of these unique ideas booked today and you are guaranteed lots of laughs and will be able to tick something different off the bucket list!

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