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80s Wrestling Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Long Blond Wig
  • Ric Flair Robe
  • Hulk Hogan Headband, boots and vest
  • Randy Savage Glasses, Robe and Headband 

Get The 80s Wrestling Look

Dress up like your childhood heroes with the 80s Wrestling Stag Do Theme. Whether you were "wooing" with Ric Flair, shouting "Oooh Yeah" with the Macho Man RandySavage or eating your vitamins and saying your prayers with Hulk Hogan, dressing up as an iconic wrestler and showing up on the stag night will be a great talking point! Start the party with this hilarious theme, as it looks especially funny when your group chooses a different wrestler and shows up to the nightclub like the WWF bus just pulled up outside!

Stag Day Activity

Even though going to a nightclub and dancing in these getups will be very rewarding experience, there are other stag do activities that suit this them to the ground. Going to a wrestling school for the day and having a match with your mates is the best way to capitalise on the theme, chiefly as it will give you an excuse to try out some moves on your mates! As well as this, its also a great workout and good team building excercise, so it should be fun for all involved.


If you want to check out the outlandish 80s wrestling style, the WWE Network aires all the old wrestling footage from the time period. See the vibrant clothes of your childhood heroes and adopt their mannerisms for an even more striking effect!


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