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7 of the Most Popular Stag Do Ideas


You've been given task of being Best Man the organiser of one of the biggest parties you'll ever plan, The Stag Do. 

Stag parties all too often get a bad reputation for being badly-planned boozy weekends aimed to humiliate the groom as much as possible. If this doesn't sound like your groom's idea of a good time and you want to organise the best night out/weekend ever, we've rounded up the seven best stag do ideas…

1. Match Fixture Weekend Away

If you and the lads are sports mad, then this is the ultimate lads weekend away. Take your pick from the FIFA World Cup, Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, or whatever your group's favourite sport is, find out when your favourite team is playing next and book with one of the dedicated sports travel companies who offer great packages for flights, accommodation, stadium tours and match day tickets.

2. Paintballing and Airsoft

A trusty favourite for stag parties, paintball or airsoft is a great activity for anyone wanting to release their inner child! Put on some camoflague clothing and military gear and grab your paintballing gun to take down the enemy side. Warning! Things may become that competitive that by the time one side has won, the other will have to drink to drowned their sorrows... 

AdobeStock_23933102-(1).jpeg3. Zorbing

Ever tried treading across water, rolling down a hillside or playing footie while inside a giant bubble? No? Well then you have to try out zorbing! This fun activity involves each player getting inside a bubble or bubble suit which restricts movement and balance while afloat on water, rolling down a hill at top speed or kicking a football. What could be better plus you are encouraged to bump into eachother

4. Go Karting and Driving Experiences

Get competitive on the race track with a day of Go Karting, off road 4x4 mud track driving or surprise the groom with a supercar driving experience where he can get behind the wheel of a dream car such as a Porsche or Ferrari. Is it not every mans dream 

AdobeStock_219399700-(1).jpeg5. Golfing Weekend

Show off your best skills out on the green and finishing up with a toast to the groom on the 18th hole. Golf is a great activity for all age groups and is a perfectly chilled activity if there are a few fuzzy heads from the night before! 

6. Go Racing

Why not grab the lads and head to one of the big race meets of the year. Expect a great weekend session and it's an idea that's sure to be a winner with everyone. Hotels, B&Bs and hostels are usually booked up early for these events so be sure to plan well in advance.

AdobeStock_200182517.jpeg7. Casino Night

All the fun of Sin City without the trip to Vegas! Whether its poker or roulette, black jack or the slot machines a casino night with the lads allows you to gamble for cold hard cash complete with a drink in hand. Plan a poker night in the comfort of your own home its sure to end messy.


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