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7 Hen Party Ideas for Planning a Pool Party


Thinking of a summertime hen party? Then a pool party is sure to be right up your street! Head for the sun and plan a pool party like no other with our top 7 hen party ideas for planning a pool party!

Fun Floats


Every pool party needs fun floats that the ladies can lounge about in the water as they sip on a cocktail whilst soaking in the sun! From flamingos to donuts, pizza to pineapples, there are of course pretty of fabulous float designs to choose from! You may decide to link it to the hen party theme, be inspired!

Hen Party Playlist


Have all the girlies dancing all day long at the pool party with an epic hen party playlist! Include both fresh of the chart tunes and old school classics so all the hens can sing along! From Ellie Goulding to the Spice Girls, the hens will not want the celebrations to end! You may decide to go the extra mile and play some karaoke, what a fab idea! When searching for hen party ideas for planning a pool party, karaoke is a must!

Poolside Hen Party Games


Hen party games are a great way to get all the ladies in high spirits and can act as the ultimate icebreaker! As the hens lounge around the pool, they may decide to get the party going by playing a few fun games! These games can include Guess the Cocktail, Never Have I Ever, Sweetheart Cupcakes and Who Am I! Or perhaps, for those that are hoping to spend the majority of the day in the pool, a game of Pool Volleyball or Basketball! Visit our Top 25 Hen Party Games to get the party started in style!

Shades and Flower Crowns


It is always important to look the part at the pool party so be sure to invest in a pair of trendy shades and flower crowns! Ditch the neon pink flamingo sunglasses and opt for something a little more classy such as ray bans! Not only will they look super stylish but perfect for keeping the blinding sun out of your eyes! Flower crowns are also ideal for a summer hen party and come in a wide range of styles and colours! Be sure each lady has her own as they are guaranteed to be the ultimate photo opportunity!

Personalised Robes


Searching for epic and truly unique hen party ideas for planning a pool party? Personalised robes is an absolute must for the classy birds looking to go all out! You may decide to put each ladies name on the robes so they don’t get a little confused and mixed up or you may decide to be a little sassy and have ‘Bride Squad’ Or ‘Bride Tribe’ on each! Again, this is a brilliant photo opportunity so be sure to take plenty of snaps!

Themed Swimwear


If you have a particular hen party theme in mind, be sure to relate it to all the ladies swimwear! From pink ladies to leopard print, there is something to suit all occasions! We are totally loving the flamingo themed swimwear, it is sure to bring the fun factor and will definitely have all the ladies in the party spirit! Topped off with a flamingo pool float of course!

Beach Goodie Bags


Just like any other party, a pool party is the perfect opportunity you give all the ladies a beach goodie bag! Your beach goodie bag can include some Hawaiian flower necklace, shell hair pains, a mini bottle of bubbly, lip balm, mini sunscreen and a blow up each ball! You may decide to go the extra mile, and opt for a sand bucket for the goodies instead of a bag! The options are endless!

So there you have it ladies, our top hen party ideas for planning a pool party! Be inspired and create yours today!

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