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5 Stag Party Ideas on a Budget


Every stag party is different in so many ways. Things that can vary significantly are the number of people on the stag weekend, the tastes and interests of the group, the age of the men and most importantly, the budget that they are on. A stag do budget will have an effect on what activities, accommodation, transport and dining that your group can afford but there are a wide range of options out there for any groups out there who are trying to save money. Here we reveal 5 stag party ideas when on a budget to help inspire you.

Budget Hotels


One of the most important aspects of organising a stag do is sorting out the accommodation. The accommodation you choose will have a huge effect on your budget with 4 and 5* hotels costing much more than budget hotels like Premier Inn and Holiday Inn. These budget hotels offer high quality room at very affordable prices and they could be the perfect option for your group of stags to rest their head after the big stag night! Budget hotels can be found throughout the UK in every city and sure are perfect for any group of lads on a budget.



The most important thing about a stag do is that the groom-to-be has all his closest friends and family around him to celebrate his last night of freedom. This can be done by simply having a BBQ and beers at the house. A BBQ is great for a summer stag do and it is a fantastic way to save money as you won’t need to spend much on food in a restaurant or in the pub for drinks. A stag party BBQ will be full of laughs, great company and easy on the bank balance!

Games Night


Round the lads up and have a games night at home for the stag do! Stag do games are a great way to have a great nights fun with your closest mates while still being able to keep to a tight budget. A classic game to play that can last night whole night is Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. Poker is great fun and you will thoroughly enjoy winning a few pound and trying to hold your poker face when you are bluffing! Throw on some finger food and have a few beers and this is sure to be a top class stag night!



By having a karaoke stag do you lads are in for a night full of laughter and hilarious memories! This is a great opportunity for you lads to stitch up the stag by making him get up and murder a classic Oasis, Guns & Roses or other top class stag do songs! There are many companies throughout the UK and Ireland who offer mobile karaoke equipment and you can rent this out and bring your own beer and food so you will save a lot of money as opposed to going to down to the pub! You are guaranteed to have a laugh when the drink has been going down well and everyone starts to think that they have the X Factor!

5 a Side Football


Any groups of stags out there who enjoy a game of football should consider getting together for some 5 a side football! This is a great way to save money on the stag do activity as you can go down to your local field and play the football for free or you can book an indoor sports hall, 3G pitch, or 4G pitch for only a few pound each. To make things even more exciting, you can get each team to dress up or wear kits and get prizes for the winning team or forfeits for the losing teams! 5 a side football is easy to organise and readily available almost anywhere so if you are planning a stag do on a budget, this could be a great idea!

So there you have it lads, 5 stag party ideas on a budget that are still packed full of fun and are sure to create many memories for years to come!

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