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3 Unique Stag Party Escape Room Games


Throughout the UK there are a growing number of escape rooms to choose from. The theme of each room varies significantly which can make it tough to choose which room is right for your group. Here we reveal 3 unique stag party escape room games that range from horror experiences to criminal investigations! In each of the rooms you will have to work together to solve riddles and clues in order to escape from the surroundings you have been locked up in. So check out these fascinating and immersive games and see if you have what it takes to take them on!

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The Lockey

The Lockey Bournemouth

Location: Bournemouth. The lively seaside town of Bournemouth is perfect for a stag do with it offering fantastic accommodation and nightlife options as well as miles of golden sand to relax on!

About: The Lockey offers two thrilling escape rooms that are perfect for stags. One of the escape games is called “Lecter’s Gluttony”. This horror experience is based on the infamous cannibal, Hannibal Lecter. The background to the story is that Professor Lecter invites you and your mates around for dinner to explain all that he knows about organ transplantation. When you try his odd looking food you pass out and wake up later locked in the dungeons of his house. Your group are tasked to escape from his lair before he comes back in 80 minutes. To do so you must work together to solve the riddles or else you will become his latest experiment! The other escape game is called “Anderson’s Testimony” which is a crime game. The secret service are framing you for a crime you did not commit and you have to escape from the office you are locked in before the come back with the arrest warrant that they need to lock you up! The stags will have to work together to solve the clues within an hour to clear their name or else!

Offer: Each of The Lockey’s escape games cost £15pp.

Escape Belfast:

Escape Belfast

Location: Belfast. The capital city of Northern Ireland is ideal for a stag weekend. With top class accommodation options from 5* hotels to self catering apartments as well as a thriving nightlife in areas such as the Cathedral Quarter, your group are sure to be impressed!

About: You can choose from two highly entertaining escape rooms at Escape Belfast. “The Preacher” escape game is based on a notorious serial killer priest. There is nothing at all holy about this ungodly monster and you and your groups of stags will have 60 minutes to solve all his clues and riddles to escape from his lair! The 2nd escape room game on offer at Escape Belfast is “Down The Rabbit Hole”. The unique and challenging game is based on Alice in Wonderland. You will have to delve into Wonderland and help Alice escape from the clutches of the evil Queen of Hearts! Throughout the experience you will encounter characters from the famous storyline including The Old Mad Hatter and you must solves the treacherous riddles within one hour!

Offer: To play both escape games costs only £12pp for groups of 12-24. For groups of 6-11 stags, it costs £13pp.

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Hell In A Cell:

Hell in a Cell Bristol

Location: Bristol. Being one of the most popular stag do locations in England, Bristol will guarantee your group many top class accommodation options, electric nightlife and fine dining. Sports fans are sure to have a great time in this rugby and football mad city!

About: Hell In A Cell was voted the Number 1 Escape Room Experience at The SCAR Awards and it is not difficult to see why! The horror escape game is held in the underground prison cells at the Old Crown Court Buildings in Bristol, which makes the experience that bit spookier! Your mission will be to escape from the sadistic serial killer who has kidnapped you. Your group will have to work together and stay calm to solve the clues in order for you to escape before he comes back in 1 hour! The escape game has been described as a mixture of Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre so you have an idea of the horror that is ahead of you!

Offer: This horrifying escape game will cost your group £30pp and the stag goes free for groups over 10 people!

These 3 unique stag party escape room games are guaranteed to give your group a memorable experience. The games are perfect for team building and you are sure to go leave the games well entertained and ready for the stag night ahead!

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Image Credits: The Lockey | Escape Belfast | Hell in a Cell

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