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3 Things To Cure a Wedding Hangover

The thought of a wedding hangover can be a nightmare for anyone that is know to have one too many glasses of wine or gin's at the wedding!  The team at Ireland's wedding website 'Wedding Dates' bring you their top 3 things to cure a wedding hangover!
Ireland’s premier wedding website WeddingDates write about everything from fun wedding day ideas to how to plan the big day and off course the all important wedding wedding budget! But the one dreaded day that doesn’t get much coverage on their blog - The wedding hangover!

We all know what it feels like the day after a big night. Sleepy eyes, a dry mouth and that unshakable feeling you've somehow embarrassed yourself in such a way that it will probably go viral by the time you wake up to see it on Facebook. 

Sounds great doesn't it? But, it was probably worth it! We have invited WeddingDates along to give you ladies their advice on the top 3 things you must do to cure your night before antics!

1) Get Off The Couch

Sounds horrible and possibly the worst imaginable thing you could do. But just do it! Get off that lovely comfy couch, have a hot shower and face the daylight with courage. You can do it! Meet your besties and follow the next step…

2) Have The Night After Gossip


There's something about getting the morning after goss that can magically cure any hangover. Having a chat over coffee or even the phone about your hilarious recollections of the wedding seem to distract us all from the heartbreak of a pounding headache. 

3) Have Something Dirty

Forgive us (Weight Watchers would scorn us for saying this!), but all we want after a big night out is something incredibly greasy and bad to line our stomachs. Everyone has their go to food! We've heard talks of a hangover service in Dublin that delivers the exact thing you need straight to your door… genius!

And if all else fails…

Go for broke! We've often heard of people curing themselves with more alcohol. While this won't exactly cure you as such, at least it will curb the hangover you have for now. Just leave the horrible hangover to your future self… it's their problem now!

Wedding Dates (www.weddingdates.ie) is an Irish website that allows engaged couples to search for wedding reception venues available on their chosen wedding date.


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