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10 Stag Night T-Shirt Ideas


To make your group stand out from the crowd on the big stag night, personalised group t-shirts are essential! Stag night t-shirts are very popular as they are often not very expensive and can be personalised to suit every member of the group. Some popular ideas for stag night t-shirts are those that are personalised with names, nicknames, dates and locations. Here we reveal 10 of the coolest stag do t-shirt ideas that are available online.

Stag Wars


Star Wars is one of the most popular fantasy movie series that has ever been released. Most boys have grown up watching Star Wars and playing with Star Wars toys so by getting Stag Wars t-shirts for the stag weekend there will be a real good retro feel to the party!

Tinder Stag Do T-Shirt


A tinder stag do t-shirt is one way for you guys to get a lot of attention on the stag weekend! This unique stag do idea comes from the very popular dating app Tinder and each of the stags photo’s can be printed on the t-shirt just like a Tinder profile picture! All the stag’s details such as name, age and profession can be added so on the night out ladies can choose whether they would swipe right or not! This t-shirt is better for the single guys in the group!

T-Shirt Checklist


One way to stitch the stag up on the big night and to get the fun started is to get him a personalised t-shirt with a check list of funny dares and stag do ideas! As the night goes on the stag will have to try and complete these tasks and as he does, each one can be ticked off on the t-shirt! Below is a list of ideas that could be put on the checklist:
Down a drink
Prank the in-laws
Sing karaoke
Ring Mum and Dad and tell them you love them
Do a silly dance at the bar

Wolfpack Stag Shirts


There isn’t a group of stags out there who haven’t seen The Hangover and the antics that Doug, Stu, Phil and Alan got up to on their Las Vegas stag do! Although no group would want things to be as messy as that, it is hard not to take a little inspiration from the movie. One idea you guys could take from it is to get wolf pack t-shirts designed with the groom-to-be’s name on the front saying it is his last night in the wolf pack! The stag do location and date can also be on the front so you have a nice piece of memorabilia to keep from the weekend away!

I’m On A Stag Party, Get Me A Beer!


This hilarious and very simple stag party t-shirt is based on the hit TV show, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! This t-shirt get’s straight to the point, you are on a stag party and of course, you want to drink beer! Wear these funny stag do t-shirts and you might just find the drinks being lined up in front of you!

Men Behaving Badly


A Men Behaving Badly stag night t-shirt is not only a t-shirt with a cool design, but there’s also likely to be a little bit of truth behind the design! These t-shirts can be designed with huge warning signs on the front so that all members of the public are well warned that their is a stag group on tour and they are here to have some fun! The name of the stag and location can also be printed on this hilarious t-shirt.

Stags of Anarchy


Son’s of Anarchy is the hit TV Show about a notorious outlaw motorcycle club in California. Getting Stags of Anarchy stag do t-shirts is a great idea for any fans of the show and and the heading itself could be quite relevant! Each of these t-shirts can be designed personally for each member of the group and have their name and the stag do location printed on it.

Game Over Stag Do T-Shirt


This is one of the most popular stag do t-shirts that there is and it’s a great way to signify that one of the lads is now gone and settling down! There are many different variations of this t-shirt but one of our favourites is the evolution of man t-shirt where the last stage is the man on his knees and his bride-to-be now has control of him! This is a great idea to poke some fun at the stag!

Football Stag Do T-Shirt


This is a great idea for any groups of football fans out there and it will be as if you have your own squad out for the stag night! On the front of the t-shirt you can all get the same crest printed with the stag do location and the stag’s name. On the back you lads can then get your own name or nickname printed with your squad number! This is a great stag do idea and an easy conversation starter on the stag night as people will already know your name!

Watch Out Stag Do T-Shirt


A “Watch Out” stag do t-shirt is a great idea to stitch up the stag! Everyone in the group will have a t-shirt with the stag’s face printed on the front of it with the words “Watch Out” and the stag’s name, stag do location and the date! This t-shirt is sure to get lots of laughs from everyone and make the stag the centre of attention.

We hope that you can take some inspiration from the stag night t-shirt ideas that we have revealed and that the theme you pick will really help that weekend be memorable and have you sticking out from the crowd!

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