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10 Beauty Essentials to Prepare for your Hen Night


Ten Hen Party Make Up Tips

You’ll probably get somebody else to do your make up for The Big Day but for your Hen Night, you’re likely planning on applying your own face, sure, it’ll probably end up rubbed off or running down your face by midnight anyway, right? Wrong! Here are some fantastic products that’ll make sure you’ve got professional-looking make up done all by yourself! 

1 - Smashbox Photo Finish Primer 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (£25, available at Boots) 

This stuff is a blessed miracle when it comes to keeping your make up from sliding off your face. Just apply enough to give your face a thin coating and then allow it to sink in for a few minutes before applying your foundation. This will help even out your skin texture so that pores and patchiness aren’t stopping you from having that Beyoncé woke-up-like-this-FLAWLESS skin that us mere mortals can only dream of. It also makes sure your make up stays in place all night long, regardless of how many times you dance to Single Ladies (it’s your last chance after all!).

2 - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (£10, available at Boots)

I know, a tenner for a brush to put your foundation on? Ladies, trust me, I used to be of the “Sure my fingers do the same job” school of thought as well until I bought my first set of Real Techniques brushes. This will buff your foundation into your skin to give you a much more photo-shopped even finish. Never a strong student of science, I think it’s something to do with you heating up your foundation with your fingers when applying it, thus giving you an oilier finish, plus, you end up losing more product rubbing it into your hands! Not worth it, girls! Buy the brush- it’s an investment, if your fiancé asks…

3 - Esteé Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Estée Lauder Double Wear (£29.50, available at Boots and Debenhams) 

Hold on! Before you tell me 30 quid is an extortionate amount to pay for make-up, scroll down for cheaper alternatives! I know- you have a wedding to pay for, I’m sorry! Hear me out though- this foundation is The Holy Grail when it comes to full coverage, long wearing, skin-matching perfection. It will not budge all night, especially paired with a primer and setting powder. The company claims that it stays in place for 15 hours and that’s pretty much accurate. It’s available in 31 shades and if you go to an Estée Lauder counter they will match your skin to the perfect shade for you. Definitely worth buying for special occasions when you want your skin to look perfect- use your hen night as an excuse and spoil yourself!

4 - L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation (£10.99, available nationwide at any L’Oreal stockist) 

This is a cheaper foundation option for all you hens with drier skin than most. This has quite a good coverage for a cheaper foundation and doesn’t tend to dry out your skin even if it’s set with a powder. It’s available in only six shades so it might be quite limited for those of you who find it difficult to find a shade to match your skin (shout out to all my pale girls with your Irish skin- embrace that porcelain look, girl!). I find the Rose Pearl shade a good dupe of MAC NW20 (i.e. it’s pale with a warm tone- typical Irish girl skin!).

5 - Revlon Colorstay

Revlon Colorstay (£12.49, available at larger chemists stocking Revlon including Boots and Superdrug) 

If you are lucky enough not to have dry skin, this stuff (similar to the Estée Lauder foundation above) does not tend to move at all once applied to your face and is also super pigmented so that the coverage is excellent. This is perhaps also the reason why it comes in 13 shades which is quite a lot for a drugstore foundation but means that both our Irish cailín’s of the pale skin and our sun-kissed goddesses are catered for without spending a fortune. Unfortunately, if you are prone to dry patches, this has a tendency to dry out your skin and you DO NOT want to be all flaky in the pics of your hen, ladies! The only flake you want there on your hen night is that one friend that always bails on every plan but miraculously showed up for your hen do! Making sure she’s at the wedding is the next challenge…

6 - L'Oreal True Match Powder 

L'Oreal True Match Powder (£8.19, available nationwide at any L’Oreal stockist)

Absolutely essential to finishing off your make-up is a setting powder. This will make sure that your foundation stays in place and also stops you from looking too shiny in photos. The L’Oréal True Match powder stays in place for hours and it also comes in 8 different shades. Helpfully, the packaging provides a small powder applicator and a mirror so you can even top it up on the go throughout your hen weekend like some sort of vintage Hollywood starlet powdering your nose. 

7- Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit

Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit (£2.99, available nationwide at any Collection stockist)

Of course, you cannot forget the eyebrows and this handy kit comes with 3 shades of brow powder so you can certainly find at least one to match your shade or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try and do that cool gradient brow thing that you’ve seen on Instagram (I’m pretty sure only wizards can actually accomplish this but feel free to give it a go!). It also comes with a brow gel to set your brows in place and a little brush (I tend to throw these little applicators away because they remind me of the big moment in P7 when you got your first ever Glitter Babes eyeshadow but, hey, if you’re stuck without an angled brush it’ll certainly do the job!). So for the bargain price of £2.99, your eyebrows can be on fleek all night long! 

8 - Benefit Roller Lash/ Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara (£9.99 available nationwide at any Bourjois stockist)/ Benefit Roller Lash (£19.50 available at Boots, Debenhams and House of Fraser) 

These are both really good lengthening and volumising mascaras that make your lashes jet black. Whilst Benefit is more about length and less about volume, Bourjois is the opposite. They both make for pretty fluttery eyelashes so really it comes down to one being half the price of the other- up to you, ladies! Remember- it’s your last chance to harmlessly flutter your eyelashes at someone at the bar just to get a free drink, unfortunately, that’s not appropriate behaviour for a married lady! 

9 - The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist 

Vitamin E Face Mist (£8.50, available at The Body Shop) 

If you’re prone to oily skin, scroll right past this- you don’t need to worry about your skin drying out with all this make up on it (you can top up with powder and that should do the trick or look into getting some oil control blotting papers- Essence do them quite affordably!). 

If you’re a dry skin girl (like myself!) I know it can be a disaster putting on your whole face only for it to dry out and turn patchy and flaky within an hour! This face mist will be your absolute saving grace if that sounds familiar! Just spritz a little bit over your make up and allow it to dry in and those dry patches should be moisturised into smooth skin in minutes.
Coincidentally, this is also really refreshing if your skin is feeling a bit dull and dehydrated… Maybe a little… Hungover? Not that I’m implying anything, girls…

10 - MAC Ruby Woo/ Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick Queen Of Hearts

Ruby Woo (£15.50, available at Debenhams)/ Queen of Hearts (£2.99, available nationwide at any Collection stockist)

And finally, a statement red lip. MAC Ruby Woo is my favourite red lippie of all time- it’s a really beautiful, glamourous red colour (think Judy Garland belting out Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas in Meet Me in Saint Louis with her perfect technicolour red lipstick- if you haven’t seen it, it’s a classic, finish this article and then go watch it!). It’s got a matte finish which is not only super trendy but also helps the lipstick stay in place so you’re not rubbing it all over your face every time you eat/drink/talk/breathe (we’ve all been there!). If you can afford the splurge, definitely go for the MAC option.

If you want something a little more affordable/ one fifth of the price, go for Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in the shade Queen of Hearts. Although it does not have a matte finish, this is, again, a beautiful colour. It lasts as long as you can expect a drugstore lipstick to and definitely rivals its Rimmel/L’Oréal/Maybelline counterparts. 

I’m expecting a surge in very glamourous hens doing their own make-up after this blog post! Don’t let me down, ladies! 

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