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10 Classy Hen Party Games


For all those sophisticated birds looking to mark the hen weekend in style, classy hen party games will certainly not disappoint! This means ditch all the tacky and cringey games and dares, and try out something all the hens will love! Hen party games are a fabulous way to break the ice and have everyone giggling aloud! Not to mention, they are also ideal for ladies of all ages and can be played almost anywhere! We reveal our top 10 classy hen party games that are sure to get the celebrations underway!

Hen Night Bingo Cards


Hen Night Bingo Cards is an absolute must when opting for a classy hen party idea that will have all the ladies wanting to play! A light-hearted and quirky brainteaser that will require the ladies to get their thinking hats on! This classy game takes a bit of organising but is so worth it!

How to play:

The hens must think carefully and write down a list of gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive.

As the bride-to-be opens her presents in front of the ladies, the girlies must mark off each one they get right! Once a hen gets a row or a full house, the hen must shout at the top of their lungs, ‘Bingo!’

The winner will receive a prize for her great efforts!

Hen Night Bingo Cards is a great way to get everyone in the hen party spirit and is sure to bring out the competitive side in all the lovely ladies!

Post It Note Game


For a classy hen party game that is guaranteed to leave all the ladies in floods of laughter, Post It Note Game is sure to tick all the boxes!

How to play:

Each of the ladies will be given a post-it note with the name of a person written on it. The post it note will be stuck to the hen without her seeing the name on it. The name can be a celebrity or even someone within the group!

The hens will then sit around a circle as they ask questions in order to figure out who they are. The questions can only be closed questions meaning the response can only be a yes or no!
The girlies will keep asking questions in turns until they figure out who they are!

Post-It Note is a simple yet effective hen party game that really does test your knowledge!

Mr and Mrs Questions


Let’s see how well the bride-to-be really knows the love of her life, with a series of fun Mr and Mrs Questions!

How to play:

The hens will write down a list of fun questions to ask the bride-to-be regarding her fiancé! They can be as funny or as sweet as you want them to be! Below are a few you may consider:

- What is the Grooms favourite sport?
- What is the Grooms favourite car?
- What is the Grooms ideal holiday destination?
- Who’s the Grooms best friend?
- What is the Groom’s favourite thing about himself?
- What is the Groom’s favourite flavour of crisps?
- What is the Groom’s most annoying habit?
- Who is the Groom’s favourite Hollywood actress?

With each question she gets wrong, the Bride-to-be must carry out a forfeit suggested by her ladies!

Mrs and Mrs Questions sure does bring the fun factor and is ideal with a glass of bubbly in hand!

What’s That Tune


What’s That Tune is a great way to kickstart the celebrations and will definitely test the ladies music knowledge!

How to play:

The ladies will listen to a series of songs but only short clips so it won’t give away any clues! The music genre can be a variety of themes from Disney movie songs to songs related to the wedding!
The girls will write down their answers on a piece of paper!
At the end of the game, the scores will be counted up and the lady with the most right will be presented with a prize!

What’s That Tune is a light-hearted game that just oozes class!

Prosecco Pong


Forget beer bong, it’s all about prosecco pong! For lovers of all things prosecco, this classy hen party game is sure to be right up your street!

How to play:

The ladies will be split into two teams with each team at either side of the table.

On the table will be numerous plastic beakers and ping pongs. Each team will take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other teams cups. Once a ball lands in the cup filled with prosecco, the cup is then removed from the table and the opponent will then have to drink the drink in one go!

If both teammates hit the cups, both the ladies must finish the drink!

The last remaining team are of course the winner and will be presented with a prize!

Prosecco Pong sure is a unique and classy hen party game that will definitely appeal to all the classy birds of the group!



A Piñata is always a great idea when hosting a hen weekend! The candy-filled object is guaranteed to bring out the inner child in all the girlies!

How to play:

Each hen must be blindfolded in order to play this game correctly. Each hen will take turns hitting the Piñata as hard as they can with a baseball bat until someone bashes it open!

This means all the ladies must run and grab as much candy as they can before it’s all gone!

For those hens that love nothing more than a fun and traditional party game, a Piñata is sure to please!

The Bride-to-Be Quiz


In search of unique and classy hen party games? Well you are sure to be in for a suprise with the Bride-to-be quiz! How well does the hens really know the Bride-to-be? Well it’s time to find out as we unravel the truth!

How to play:

All you will need for this hen party game is a sheet of paper and pen for each hen! The host will shot out a series of whacky questions about the Bride-to-be in which the girlies must write down their answer! Below are a few of our favourite:

-What is the Bride-to-be’s favourite Disney movie?
- What is the Bride-to-be’s nickname?
- What was her first job?
- Where did she meet her fiancé?
- Who is the Bride-to-be’s Hollywood crush?
- Is she a righty or a lefty?
- What is the Bride-to-be’s favourite TV show?
- What was her dream job as a kid?

The lady with the most correct answers will be presented with a prize for all her great efforts!

The Bride-to-be Quiz can be both a fun and sentimental hen party game that is sure to leave everyone in high spirits!

Pass the Parcel


Pass the Parcel sure is perfect for those ladies hoping to play something a little out of the ordinary and is guaranteed to bring a smile on everyone’s face!

How to play:

To play Pass the Parcel each girlie must bring a gift that is of sentimental value to the Bride-to-be!

The gifts must then be wrapped with several layers to make the Pass the Parcel game all the more interesting!

The hens must then sit around in a circle with music playing. The music will stop at intervals and the person holding the gift when the music stops must open the gift. The bride-to-be must then guess who bought the gift giving a reason why!

Pass the Parcel reveals how well the Bride-to-be really knows each and everyone one of her hens! Things are sure to get interesting with these classy hen party games!

Selfie Competition


Get the cameras ready and the lippy on for the Selfie Competition hen party game, it is sure to be a bundle of laughs!

How to play:

Split the girls up into teams and set them free in either a city or wherever your hen party in situated! The aim is to take the best selfie in order to win so be sure it is a good one! It could be a selfie with a celebrity look-alike or even a funny statue, it is completely up to you!

Afterwards, the hen must then choose which selfie is a winner and the winning team will be presented with a prize!

For all the posers of the group, a Selfie Competition will definitely tick all the right boxes!

Wine Tasting Game


If your hens happen to be huge wine enthusiasts, then a wine tasting game will definitely not disappoint! This classy hen party game is sure to put everyone’s wine knowledge to the ultimate test!

How to play:

Before this game is carried out, the ladies must be seated around a table! The wine will be sealed and covered up to ensure there are no peeping hens trying to pull a fast one!

Each girlie will be given a small glass of wine in which they must taste and write down the type of wine as well as the brand for a bonus point! Once all the hens have wrote down their answers, they will move on to the next wine!

Once all the wines have been tasted and the scores counted, the winner will be presented with a prize and crowned the ultimate wine connoisseur!

Wine tasting sure does ooze class which is of course the perfect excuse to drink some fine wine on the special occasion!

So there you have it ladies, our top classy hen party games for the ladies who are opting for a sophisticated and reserved hen weekend! Be inspired!

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Image Credits: YouTube | Drinking in America | Epiphamy Lane


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